That Spark of Celestial Fire called a Conscience


George Washington said, “Labor to keep alive in your breast that spark of celestial fire called a Conscience.”  I try to be very careful in all I think and do, but sometimes I get off track and I become down on myself, feeling shame and guilt for things that really are not appropriate to me.  My Mother tells me I am a Perfectionist, which seems hilarious to me, since I feel that my Flaws are more obvious than the average woman.


Meticulous has been my middle name since around 9th Grade, when I set out to win the Trophy for the photograph of the year at school.  Needless to say, I won.  I am particular in all my transactions, and I know how to set and attain goals.  But there are some holes in my fastidiousness.  I want to repair those holes.

I’m so glad that my close friends love me with all of the negatives and dysfunctions in my being.  This Autumn season always brings me to a strong urge to focus on the meaning of giving thanks.  Showing appreciation in fun and contagious ways is one of my self-imposed “duties” in the fall.  I want my family to share the good life that we lead.  We can thank those who have helped us in the past, and we can reach out to others who are in need.


“Desire nothing for yourself which you do not desire for others.”  ~Spinoza

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