Stretching Time in December

I LOVE to light candles and enjoy some quiet time during this season.

dec 14


I start early with candles in the morncwvDm9asA_Lw9YsGTQNy8vW7Zxwing, and end my day with a special candle that I light at 10 pm to celebrate the cup of Christmas Tea that I drink before retiring to bed.    I love scented candles, with Pine scent being my favorite one this year.


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It sounds crazy, but on the 1st of December, I vow to set my alarm to 4AM every morning, and use the extra time to ready myself and the house for the Holiday.  It works for me (at least it does if I can sneak in a 30 minute cat nap somewhere along the afternoon).  I rest on the couch during my son’s 30 minute piano practice session, and if I am blessed enough to afford it, I sneak in another cat nap at 5pm before dinner.

The little rests make it possible for me to still stay up until 10 or 11 pm to do family activities, nightly routines, etc.   I get an enormously insane amount of work done from 4 to 6:30 am, while everyone else in the family sleeps peacefully.   No interruptions, no cross words, just pure busy-ness doing those things that I consider to be essential in December… it is a Win-Win!

all 001

b.1873-d.1956 Fernand Toussaint2
Source:  Postcard Collection 1979


During those wee hours of the morning, while listening to Christmas music I happily wrap gifts, or write my greeting cards, or decorate.  I love that I am able to add special notes to good friends in my Cards, because I am not in a big rush at such an early hour.  And I savor a cup of specialty coffee, like French Vanilla or Hazelnut flavored coffee while I slowly and carefully scribe in cursive, taking time to embellish with extra curls on Capital letters on the envelopes!  It gives me JOY!



I also do three large baking sessions (Cakes and Pies) late in December during the wee early hours, and make all of the dough for our children’s baking sessions (I triple wrap it and put it in the freezer until our scheduled Baking Day).

dec 16

I fully recommend this method of rising a few hours earlier than usual every day in December.  It has allowed me to accomplish FAR more than I ever knew I could, and has allowed a PEACE in my Soul because I am able to do those things in an uninterrupted atmosphere.


The nap I shall take on Christmas Eve will be extra long, because I will have finished all of my necessary To Do’s long before that special day!


How do you sneak in extra time during the Holidays to make the Season Bright?  I would love to know!

Wishing you cozy, quiet, virtuous times this season,


a  blog 13
One of our baking sessions for Reindeer cookies

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