Chicken and Cheese Quesadillas

Blaine Prepares the Veggies while Mom heats up the skillet

Sometimes Mondays are hard to take.  A few months ago, our family had a gloriously wonderful weekend, and when I woke up on Monday morning, I thought to myself, “What a let-down… now what shall I look forward to?”  A long-awaited event had occurred on Saturday, and then we had spent a marvelous time Sunday with friends visiting from Texas.  They left late Sunday night, not to visit again for at least a year.  Let-down feelings were hovering.

As I brewed the Coffee that morning, and readied our breakfast, I realized that this, too, is a part of life. I remembered the feeling I had the Monday after my niece, Eden’s wedding.  It was raining, dreary, and all I had left of the event were some faded roses after all that excitement.

Did it have to go back to the mundane life for my husband, son, and me on Monday?  We could make each day much better… but how?

Then I remembered that we were unable to go to my son’s favorite fast food place, “Tropical Smoothie Café” that past Friday.  He loves the Orange Dream Smoothies and Chicken & Cheese Quesadillas.  I peered into the refrigerator… we had flour tortillas, cheddar cheese, and leftover chicken breast.  I decided to try to re-create the magic here, in my own kitchen.  This was how “Blue Willow Copy-Cat Recipes” was born!

Now everyone gets involved during our lunchtime preps.  On many school days, we challenge ourselves by trying to make our food creations match in taste and looks to that of items on the menu at our favorite restaurants.  We call them Copy-Cat meals, and they are FUN!   Placed on a pretty plate with fancy cut fruit and whipped topping for dessert, they are a huge hit at Blue Willow Cottage.

Copy Cat Chicken and Cheese Quesadillas with fresh Veggies and marinade