Make the Best of Today!

I am worse than a toddler on Christmas Eve;  up at 3:30 AM… I just couldn’t sleep anymore…

Too much to do, too much excitement, too much on my mind.


I love this wonderful season, but I fight the temptation to take on WAY too much so that I can make it even better for my friends and family. 


elf and santa
I love this vibrantly red and cheerful Santa on the chair in our dining nook.


I am inspired by SO MANY splendid ideas… the colors, the music, the Recipes; not to mention the decorating!


This little space above the microwave makes me smile!


As we make happy memories with our families, let us remember to take a few moments to be good to ourselves!   Pour yourself a cup of tea or coffee, pick up your Bible and read a Psalm.  I love Psalm 107 this time of year… it warms my heart!


Natalie and the Grand Girls
My baby sister has a birthday in January, so I always throw a party for her right after the New Year, leaving all the Reds and Greens of Christmas out to honor her. We wear Red dresses and Hats just for fun. This was last year’s party at the cottage.

Wishing you a Christmas filled with warm and happy moments.

Make the best of today!


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