Pillow Love

One can never have too many pillows.

I buy scads of material in blue and white Toile. Then I have a marathon sewing session with my mother, my sister… together with a gallon of coffee, a dozen conversations about days gone by, and more than a few laughs!


The material in my pillows matches my curtains,

which were purchased off of ebay.

My curtains are a discontinued Waverley fabric. 


I love mixing buffalo checks with Toile and stripes. 

It comes from my mother’s love of French ways, I suppose.

She studied French all through High School, and sprinkled

French phrases throughout our conversations. 

My Mother, Jeanne (middle) with Grandson and Greatgrandso


My Mother used to say she dreamed in French!


pillow wagon








The end of another weekend is here. 

I shall rest my head on a soft, fluffy pillow tonight,

sleeping soundly until the new Monday morning arrives. 

What kind of pillows do you love most? 


Until next time,

Hugs from Dawn~Lynnette