The Children’s Hour


I spent the most delightful day with some creative and charming children yesterday.  A friend was ill, and needed help with childcare.  I adore children, and am always looking for ways to bring kids into the cottage more often.

They stayed with us all day, and we had many wonderful hours to fill with play, imaginings, and fun!  The sun was shining, but it was not too hot, so we decided around noontime that a Picnic Luncheon was in order.

Lucky for me, these children have been trained by their parents to help!  We worked together with the meal preparations, table setting, and even the centerpiece for the table.

house P and L
Brother and Sister team helped assemble the food, bringing it out into the backyard using our little red wagon



yellow flower

All of the colorful flowers were created by the children from our Cottage Garden.  They selected the blooms, cut them, and arranged them.  I was amazed at the beautiful bouquets they made!  Hosta, Stella Dora Lilies, and Rose of Sharon were among the flowers we used.

L cleans
Little “L,” (who instructed me to call her “Violet” today) has the heart of a true servant at a young age. Not only did she prep and carry out the food, she cleaned the seats before lunch.



The girls wanted to use our Red Spode China, so we carefully set a pretty table with them



Finally, it was time to eat!   Lunch was a relaxed delight as I watched the kids serve each other and enjoy their delicious meal of crackers, goat’s cheese, Lemonade, Deer Bologna, Tomatoes, Peaches, and Ranch dip.

I have found that children are eager to work and help in prep and in serving…



My heart was full of joy in working with such a lovely crew.  The baby played contentedly nearby until she finally decided she wanted in on the feast, too.

The scene in our backyard



I think it’s time for baby to eat!


The “Children’s Hour” was a time in Victorian history when the parents of affluent families devoted an hour to visiting with their children.  You may have observed this practice in viewing TV programs like Downton Abbey.  I found it difficult to believe that mothers would only see their children for a few hours a day, but I understand that there were other  important tasks for parents to tend to in those times.

I have made it a practice to spend at least an hour of my day devoted solely to the children… reading to them, playing, talking, and relaxing with them; putting all other tasks aside for this special, intimate time.  This practice has been a blessing to me, and to the children.  Many friends have indicated a unique bond observed when spending time with us, and not commonly seen most families.  I highly recommend this habit.  I have never regretted the time spent bonding and sharing with the little ones.

What a beautiful Tablescape!


Simple Food, Happy Memories Made


After our Luncheon, the children played busily, viewing birds closeup through the telescope, and making forts in the Rose of Sharon bushes.


food table
Won’t you have a Children’s Hour before Summer’s End?