What are We Made of?

My sister brought over some beautiful carnations yesterday. 

I had so much fun arranging them into spring bouquets.


It is hard to believe another huge thunderstorm is in the forecast.  I think I’m in denial.  I want to get into my garden so badly, to get dirt under my fingertips, to crush the soil with the palm of my hands.

I am soaking seeds as I write this post. 

 They will sprout more quickly, and hopefully have longer to grow.

I have gotten out the pink tablecloths and yellow curtains to put them all about the house, despite the forecast.  I love a colorful home.


The kids help me shell the peas and do chores.

I love being able to garden while the children play in the yard.

Thunderstorms are a nuisance, but they happen.  Charles Spurgeon said that “Trials teach us what we are; they dig up the soil, and let us see what we are made of.”

“BeeBear” is happy to sit and watch the other children play

We try to make the best of every day here at Blue Willow Cottage.

That means to have a good day, rain or shine


All of our “people” help out around the house.  Visitors, children whom I babysit,

and anyone who is here must be a part of our morning chores routine.   Throughout

the day, we continue to work.  Children love to help!


I am able to offer nutritious, flavorful, good food

when everyone helps

to prepare it.


Kids can help out in all sorts of ways.

I try to make it fun and fast, so we get the work done quickly and get to the FUN.


One of our chores is to keep the little ones entertained while the rest of us do the daily work.  We have puppet shows, read books, sing, and dance to keep the baby happy.


I even teach the children to help train the baby to learn new things, and to stimulate her to master developmental skills.   Both the “teacher” and the little student seem to enjoy it!