Farewell to May…

May has been a special, and very busy month.  The spring was divine, the flowers and birds inspirational, and the days were near perfect in temperature and pleasantness.  Now that it is the end of the month, the foliage is about ready to explode with beauty!


In our home, May is also packed with holiday fun.  We usually celebrate our son’s April birthday in May, since many of his cousins were born in April and have big birthday parties during the weekends in April.

Mother’s Day and May Day also occur in May.  All of our Homeschool testing is completed in May, so we nearly always have a Party for that, too!  So many celebrations!  And now it is the last day of May.   It seems to have dissolved into thin air!

4th 9
Swimming is a favorite activity


What are your plans for June?  I plan to work miracles in my backyard garden, grow and can some vegetables, and do a whole lot of checking on my inner eyelids at the pool… in a comfortable lounge chair.  June is the month I catch up with my sister and nieces, gabbing and frolicking in the water and lazing around poolside while all of our children swim.  Bring on the Summer… I am ready!

Yard red pappers garden