Of Toads and Herbs…

We use herbs in our daily cooking and living…

Each summer morning this time of year, I rush out with my mug of coffee to see what herbs and/or vegetables are ready for harvesting.  I spend about an hour and a half in my gardens after my husband leaves for work.  Sprinkled throughout the flower beds are small vignettes of various whimsy, and I chuckle to myself as I work.  Isn’t weeding more fun when you can dream about the life of a family of Toads living in the Toad House in the side yard?

The T O A D House

At least, I think it is.  Weeding CAN get a bit tedious without my whimsical toads sipping coffee from their mugs, reading the paper in my morning air.

Mr. Toad drinks sits on a child sized bench in the Side Yard Garden

I hum tunes and sing hymns to myself as I labor, stopping to listen to a bird sing back to me.

There are many colorful birds in the back of our yard, and I LOVE to watch them look for food and eat.  I am amazed at the various colors of their lovely feathers, so bright and vivid in the morning sunlight.

A nice verse on which to    R EF L E C T   thoughts

Earlier today, the summer air was cool as I tended to my pumpkin vines climbing the fence.  The tomatoes were not quite red enough to  harvest, but I plucked handfuls of basil and mint to pop into my lunch and dinner recipes later.

I like to add touches of blue to my gardens, I have read that a famous artist stated that it brings down the sky (I can’t recall who said it).

blue bike
A child’s bicycle I salvaged from the trash and painted BLUE
This morning’s Herb Harvest
porch table cloth
The deck where I drink my coffee most summer mornings
Eggs scrambled with herbs and cheese for breakfast.

Friends and family have told me they think I get more joy out of my yard than anyone they know.  I would have to agree!

I hope everyone can enjoy the yard they have, and enjoy every single minute of the rest of the Summer.  Take your coffee out in the yard and observe the many joys of Summer while you still can!

Savor the rest of Summer!

I know I will.