Standards are good.  But sometimes they can be tough, and I can get carried away.  I have been called a “Grammar Nazi,” among other things.  Certain children have accused me of being a Kill-Joy, too.  I do limit foolishness in the home, it is one of my pet peeves.

Goofing off (foolishness) has interrupted schooling, dinner, and even worship.  I sometimes wonder if I am getting through at all.  But I do know that we must not always be WORKING!  Some fun must be allowed in family life.

Here are some ways that I insert adventure into our lives…

  1.  When we go to the store, we sometimes have a “smiling contest” ~~ This is when whoever can make more people smile wins.   When we finish shopping I allow the child to choose from our Surprise box (a box of small toys wrapped in gift wrap).  The toys are inexpensive, but new to them, and include items like yo yo’s, bouncy balls, and small trinkets.
  2. We have Puzzle/Clean Up contests.  Before we begin cleaning a room together, I hide pieces of a small puzzle under some of the clutter.  Whoever finds the piece is permitted to start assembling the puzzle.  When another piece is found, that other person takes over the puzzle assembly, while the rest of us resume cleaning/DE cluttering.  It goes on until all the puzzle pieces are found (I hide some of them in really tricky places so the cleaning lasts long enough and the puzzle activity can last, too).   After the room is cleaned, we take a photo of us with the completed puzzle.  We show it to Daddy when he arrives home from work that evening (and anyone else who might come into our home that day).  I make it a BIG deal, and it IS FUN!
  3. Every time we hear a siren, we stop and pray for the people in trouble, the policemen, firemen, nurses, doctors, and anyone else involved in the emergency.

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Anything can be turned into an adventure.

Create a few with your children today.

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My Prayer today:

Lord, I commit my job as a mother to you.

help me to bring up your child in a way that pleases You!

May I demonstrate Your Highest Standards in all I do.

Please bless my work, and bless my child.


My Verse for today-Proverbs 16:3

“Commit your works to the Lord, and your plans will be established.”

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