Favorite Autumn Things and Memories

What makes autumn so special? It is hard to nail that down… to me, it is a bunch of things. The smell of smoke from a neighbor burning leaves, along with pumpkin flavored creamer in my coffee, and the sage scent coming from my oven when I pre-bake a turkey leg for broth to make extra gravy for Thanksgiving dinner, all make me smile and remember the fall seasons of my childhood.

Our Buffet this Autumn

Preparing for Autumn

Every year on November 1st, I take a few moments to remove the Harvest October 31st decorations from the cottage, and pull out the Thanksgiving box. Over the first week of November, I put the final touches on the Thanksgiving Theme around in all the rooms. I have 3 totes just for this!

The colors become even more jewel-tone and rich, as the leaves inspire me, fluttering with their colorful treasures. It gives me such pleasure, and I even have made Thanksgiving curtains with tiny Turkeys on them for some of the smaller windows in our home. These things will only be out for 25 days or so, but the effect is powerful.

The Entryway into the Cottage

Adding Autumn Ribbons and Paper Napkins

I even cover some of the lampshades with autumn-colored ribbons, and wrap some remnants of holiday napkins around battery operated candles to continue the Thanksgiving colors and theme.

Of course, there are many preparations to be made this month. We host Thanksgiving Dinner each year, and many friends and family grace our table(s) with their presence. My goal is to make each guest leave with a full tummy and happy memories. There is music, Turkey, Venison, Duck, and Pumpkin Pie. We have deep discussions afterwards, sipping Pumpkin Lattes and Tea on the couch when the meal is completed.

Pumpkin Theme and Fall Colors

An Unrushed, Lovely Time in Autumn

Thanksgiving is a time of gathering, of sharing, and of love. No one must rush around buying gifts or baking trays of cookies. A simple meal and assembly of loved ones is the goal.

Candles Light the Room and Make Memories

Our Autumn Holiday Celebration is memorable and satisfying. Love is the center of the Thanksgiving feast, and of the time spent together afterwards. We leave the dishes and catch up with one another in conversation. We sit together quietly and stare at the fire in the Hearth. Some family members rush off to attend another gathering, but I love that some stay and relax with a soft pillow and plush throw blanket to snooze by the warm heat of the hearth.

Do you gather after your holiday meals, or rush off to other activities?

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