August: The Summer’s Finale


“August is a great month in the garden,

with many flowers, including dahlias, sunflowers

and other hot-colored blooms at their peak.” 

―BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine, August, 1902


Work day at the Children’s Home

There is so much to the end of summer, and August holds all the treasures of this special season. School begins very soon, and the leaves will begin to change colors. My great grandmother called this time the “Sunday of Summer.” My family always vacationed at the Jersey Shore in August, which was the month of my Mother’s birth. It was the perfect time to celebrate with the sun, sand, and waves being just right!

The grandsons excitedly wait for their Pop Pop to purchase tickets for Board Walk “rides” at Ocean City, Maryland.

One of my favorite activities in August is to rise early, dress in a cool cotton slip-dress, and steal out to the garden to cut flowers and make arrangements for our cottage. The wind is cool, and the sun is not so hot in the wee hours of the morning. My two energetic pups join me in strolling through the small gardens I have created outside our home. Soon, the blooms will fade and the plants will wither up into brown stems. But in August, the beautiful, vibrant colors seem to beg to be noticed before they are whisked away into fading autumn.  “This morning, the sun endures past dawn. I realize that it is August: the summer’s last stand.” ― Sara Baume

More vacation fun in August

One of my traditions is to spend at least one day in August at the local pool. All day! I make it a celebration, and I even dress up a bit, coordinating my bathing suit, tote bags, and even my flip flops to make it all the more special.

My Last Day of August Celebration last year

I’d love to hear about your August traditions, family activities, and habits. I cannot be the only one to make the end of summer more memorable by doing unique things during the “Summer’s Last Stand,” as Sara Baume described it.

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