The Days Ripen Like Fruit in Autumn

Listen, be wise, and keep your heart on the right path.

– Proverbs 23:19 NIV

A Welcoming Entryway

This morning at the Cottage, I have had the pleasure of taking down the Summer Decor and adding touches of the new Autumn Season. My family and I love to bring seasonal color into our home each differing time of the year.

Gathering from my Garden

One of the reasons I grow a garden is to use some of my produce for decorations. These pumpkins will be used all the way up to December 1st, when the Christmas Totes will be pulled out. Even then, if they remain in shapely form, I may spray paint them white and use them through December.

Garden Pumpkins

I love this little cupboard in our kitchen (photo below), which displays lovely pumpkins and fun leaves. Every year the display is different, but so satisfying to create and to look at later. Memories from past autumns are reflected in the small photo frames on the shelves.

Old Photos of Halloweens gone by are displayed here

“Every day, in some new way, miracles can happen in the home”

-Paul Lewis-
By the middle of October, the dinner table reflects the season at hand at the cottage

The First Day of Fall

While some consider the 21st of September to be the first official day of fall, the 23rd is the day of the Autumnal Equinox, but either way it means Autumn is upon us. This year was a little different, and we got a late start on our Autumn celebrating.

Nevertheless, autumn is a time when the sun’s angle changes, things become cooler, and all of those beautiful leaves earn a fiery glow before falling. The spectacle is so popular that some people plan entire vacations around the possibility of seeing the fall foliage.

I keep all my autumn decor in a few totes marked, September.

We carve out days on the weekends to do things like go and pick a few pumpkins out from a local pumpkin patch, and harvest apples from a local orchard for pies. The Pumpkin Candles are brought out and lit every night at dinnertime. Fall leaves of different colors are collected, as well as acorns of various shapes and sizes. All these treasures are used in our decor. It has been said that the fall is the second spring, with its colorful jewel toned vibrancy, and I am a believer.

Candles on an autumn evening elicit feelings of home


Just as the circle of seasons is vital to a renewed earth, I accept and give thanks for the seasons of my own life. I think of the different people who have come and gone in my time on this planet… some have taken root like new spring plants, blooming like summer flowers, and then ripening like the fruit in harvest, gradually going their own way ~ no longer in my day to day.

Others rest with me in special times like the snow-covered trees of winter.

And so… as I strive to listen and be wise, as the writer of proverbs old us thousands of years ago, I will keep my heart on the path of righteousness. Won’t you join me?

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