Red Hot Love

“Just a little bird, a cheerful little bird, he keeps me smiling all day long.” 

I love to change things up in my kitchen, where I spend 95% of my time. 

red bird

The little ” I love you ” heart was given to me by 4 year old Audrey,

who is now Far Far away.

I am praying for you Audrey, and your family.

I am remembering your generous, kind, caring, sweet personality! 


In February, I love to accent with loads of reds!

cat red wht bl

Red is one of my favorite colors to use to liven things up around the home,  

and it goes so well with white and blue.

They say it is the color of Power!

My Grandmother Vivianne loved Red Cardinals, and so I have a small collection to remember her by.

Are you using a certain color or item as a way

to cheer you up on these February days?


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