Loved Ones Are Coming… Getting Ready for Overnight Guests

I love having guests in my home! 
It does take a bit of prep work, but it is so worth
the planning and legwork in the end!
imagesCAD3O13N (2)
Source: Thomas Kinkade Art with permission

To make things easier, a few days before guests arrive,
I go in and sit in the guest room.
I spend 10 minutes thinking about the personality,
likes, and preferences of the person or people who are
coming to stay with us.

guest room 2

Then, I make sure the pillows are fluffed,
extra blankets are there, and I try to anticipate
any potential issues WAY ahead of time.


Source: Postcard Collection 1981 with permission


Little thoughtful details ~ like a recent issue

of my guest’s

favorite magazine

on the bedside table

make all the difference.

guestroom blog 1

If I know them well, I DVR the programs or shows
I know that my guest loves.
Of course, the big, fluffy white guest towels are placed
on the foot of the bed,
and I always cut fresh flowers from my garden f
or the nightstand.


Comfort is of utmost importance,
and that includes the big and little things
that make a person
feel welcome.

To me, that means leaving breath mints in the side drawer,
and a nice tall clear glass and a few bottles of water
in a basket
on the bench at the foot of the bed.


Other items that are placed in the basket
include a pen, notepad,
a few cards and envelopes
with postage stamps.  


If guests will be staying for a week or more,
they receive a key to the Cottage on a special keychain,
and we leave a guidebook of our town
to help them decide
what they might like to see

or do while visiting.


Are there any

special routine preparations

that you do to get ready for guests?

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