Winter Daydream

As I anticipate the snow that is forecasted for tomorrow, I always imagine lovely landscapes transformed by blankets of pristine snow.… Read More Winter Daydream


Friday Fun Facts

Although not done for religious reasons, our family nearly always eats fish on Friday. In Arkansas, our fish came to us without monetary cost, we simply caught it in the Little Red River. Our freezer always overflowed with the catch of the weekend. Now that we are city-folk in PA, we must buy our fish at the market. Not only do we not have time to fish, the fish in the local rivers are fraught with mercury and toxins. … Read More Friday Fun Facts

The house smells delicious. The cookies are cooling. Getting ready to wrap them up and tie beautiful red bows on them.  Today’s deliveries include our physicians’ offices, our dentist, and the nursing home floor on which my father recovers at this time. . Then tonight we have special friends coming over to sample our delicious… Read More