Jackpot On My Front Porch

My ears perked up when he mentioned that there might be some “floral dishes” in there somewhere. I have been searching for Red and White Transferware for my Christmas Dinner Table for years in Thrift Shops. … Read More Jackpot On My Front Porch


The Children’s Hour

The “Children’s Hour” was a time in Victorian history when the parents of affluent families devoted an hour to visiting with their children. You may have observed this practice in viewing TV programs like Downton Abbey. I found it difficult to believe that mothers would only see their children for a few hours a day, but I understand that there were other important tasks for parents to tend to in those times. I have made it a practice to spend at least an hour of my day devoted solely to the children… reading to them, playing, talking, and relaxing with them, putting all other tasks aside for this special, intimate time with them.… Read More The Children’s Hour