Learning to Make Artesian Pizza (Project 13)

Homemade Artisian Pizzas
Project 17 ~ Learning a New Recipe



Our Family wanted something yummy and different for dinner.

Since we are on a Spending Freeze these days, we needed to use what we had at home.

A quick look in the Refrigerator gave me an idea…


Make your own Artesian Bread Pizza.

I had mushrooms, pepperoni, Mozzarella, and a

tomato dip sauce made with fresh cilantro.

It was a Hit! Everyone agreed that these items were suitable for toppings, and my “men” are always up for making foods which include their own choice.


Tomato Cilantro sauce, Red peppers and Pepperoni- For our Son (and Created by Him!)
My Hubby chose pepperoni and Red Peppers
My Hubby chose pepperoni and Red Peppers
This was my Pizza. I love mushrooms and peppers, sprinkled with garlic powder, Parmesan and Black Pepper.


Today, we baked the individual Pizzas in our Toaster Oven.

This saved using larger pans, and aided in a quicker clean up.

Do you have a new Recipe or Favorite One to make as a Family?

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