Opening our Hearts

nat window box autumn

“Christmas is not as much about opening our presents

as opening our hearts.”

_Janice Maeditere


While most of my friends and family were shopping for bargains on Black Friday, I chose to stay put and put China and dishes away, organize my son’s closet (he’s away on s Duck Hunting trip) and listen to an audio book today.

After being away from home most of the past 22 days at the hospital or Rehab with my Dad, it was PURE GOLD to just be here at the Cottage.

hutch 2 autumn

Tomorrow will be a Busy day of meetings and hustle, then back to my shift at the bedside, for which I am glad.   But this little repreive has allowed me to “fill my cup” and prepare myself for challenging days ahead, when I have more to do than time allows.  I am grateful to God for giving me these moments to gather thoughts and prioritize.

I Know everyone is posting Christmas trees, evergreen filled mantles, and all the decor goes with the season, but I’m just cherishing my autumn colors for a tiny bit longer.



b as 2 yo autumn

Have a wonderful Friday evening, friends



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