“You take yourself where ever you go…”

Each of us is responsible for our own happiness.

I remember meeting Martha one frigidly cold day in December, 8 years ago… the first day we moved into the Cottage. She brought muffins and an invitation to attend worship services with her the following Sunday morning.

I always think of Martha when I make lemonade, because she always served it, summer or winter, when anyone visited.

We have a great time making and selling Lemonade around our neighborhood. After school, the children who live nearby often visit to chat and see what I baked goodies I have warm out of the oven. I sometimes ask them to set the table for “TEA,” and we have a bite of yummy treats and tea or some other refreshment. Today, it was Lemonade. Preparing the tiny snack always leaves time for casual conversation. Today was no different…

“How do you trust Jesus, Miss Dawn?” asked 7 year old Rachel as she poured cold filtered water into the glass pitcher.

We discussed how trust comes from faith, and from praying and having prayers answered over and over again; how reading the Word of God can strengthen Trust. And how important it is to talk to others about how trustworthy the LORD is.

Our conversation while making organic lemonade involved many things, including trusting Jesus, spreading the news that he can help all of us, looking for others who don’t really know him, & telling them about the Lord.

I love weaving the good news into our every day activities. “ Be strong and of good courage. Fear not, Do not be afraid of them, for the Lord thy God, he it is that I doth Go with thee; he will not fail thee , nor for sake thee.” –

Deuteronomy 31:6 KJV 

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