Make the Best of Today!

When stress gets to you, make the best of it, and do the “next” thing!… Read More Make the Best of Today!


Not Helpful

I have never been able to receive inspiration or creative thoughts when I’ve got clutter in my mind. I cleanse my mind by walking fast and up hills. The harder the walk the better the cleanse. If I want to dissipate angry thoughts, I take a long walk.… Read More Not Helpful

The Great Escape

Amy Carmichael, missionary to India once said, “In acceptance lies peace.” I truly believe that. When I need to feel great peace, I get very still, pray, and listen. Somehow, God ALWAYS makes it clear to me that deep inside of me, below the crashing turmoil and waves of the pressures around me, there lies a PEACE and a Calm to which I can retreat.… Read More The Great Escape