Treasure Traditions: Rosh Hashanah

Come join our family for the celebration of the Jewish Holiday, “Rosh Hashanah.” This is a repost written by our 13 year old son about this treasured family tradition.… Read More Treasure Traditions: Rosh Hashanah


True, Wholesome, Kind, Necessary, & Honorable Words

Then we heard it… that shrill, loud sound of an angry woman, feet pounding toward us as she shouted horrible words at the child. I literally wanted to put my hands over Blaine’s ears. He was standing there with his mouth wide open, eyes staring at the woman as she quickly and angrily grasped the child’s arm and pulled him roughly toward the front of the store. Blaine’s unbelieving eyes followed them all the way down the grocery aisle, and then he turned toward me with the most bewildered look on his little face.
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