Give me the Luxuries

I enjoy displaying my cherished items fondly and lovingly. Any surface can be suitable for a collection of Transfer ware… in a cupboard, on a wall, in a tray, on a widow sill… the possibilities are endless. Professional decorators require that the connection of one item in a collection to another is clear. But I believe that collecting the things that appeal to me increases their appeal to others who see them. At least in my home, this has been my experience — that others notice and become more fond of the items on display. … Read More Give me the Luxuries

Hospitality: The Coffee Bar

My husband claims he has never met anyone who gets so much joy from changing a couple of coffee cups and items around on a few shelves.
I think he secretly loves it that I get so excited, though, because he made the shelves for me, and he is a Big Coffee Drinker! He and I gather here very early every morning to pour a few cups and chat before getting dressed and ready to face the day.
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The Great Escape

Amy Carmichael, missionary to India once said, “In acceptance lies peace.” I truly believe that. When I need to feel great peace, I get very still, pray, and listen. Somehow, God ALWAYS makes it clear to me that deep inside of me, below the crashing turmoil and waves of the pressures around me, there lies a PEACE and a Calm to which I can retreat.… Read More The Great Escape