Countless Joys of Summer

When the Mercury begins to rise,

 it is as if an internal signal goes off…

reminding me
that it is the time to toss off my shoes,

in the countless Joys of Summer!
That means,
in decorating terms, that it is time to swap out
the heavy drapes for gossamer white flowing sheers
 that will float away effortlessly
in the cooling breeze.

I love to throw the windows open
 in the mornings,
reversing the ceiling fans,
 drawing in the cool,
fresh air of summer.
It is also time to exchange the
collections to feature more easygoing,
lighthearted ones. 
I happen to prefer Seashells.In my early decorating years,
I used Cherubs to decorate in Summertime.Just use what you collect,
think of what makes you
happiest.In Summer,
you will want
a lighter colored theme,
and the more glass-like,
the better. 

Of course,
My Bliss is 
 Blue and White.

I scatter clippings of plants
in vases and pots… all about.  I have read that green plants are
universally neutral,
and have found this to be true.
Spend a minute or two thinking
about ideas you will use to set a
“Sweet as Summer Mood “
where you live. 

Magazines abound with ideas.
I never take the kids to the Pool without my Magazines.
May I suggest Vintage Fabrics, Sea Glass Accents, and Soothing Pastel Hues? All can convey the classic elegance that people love.

Timeless romance
and an irresistible essence
 of the softest summer season
 are what I aim for
in our little Cottage.

What are your
décor essentials for

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