Life is a Materpiece… Memories of a Beautiful Canvas

“I was born by the Sea,

and I have noticed that all great events of

my life have taken place by the sea.”

–Isadora Duncan

Mike starts the Kite tradition again
The surfer won’t be defeated!
He just keeps at it.
I love that about our son!

The kite Ascends

Our little group stays late on the beach every evening.
It seems that we just can’t get enough of that
Sea air and Ocean!

Grandma loves her two little boys!

Natalie reads on the beach- Common sense
by Glen Beck.
Who is that asleep on the beach??

Too many late night DVD’s at the Beach House.

“… A normal adult never stops to think
about problems of space & time.
These are things which he has thought
of as a child.”
———–Albert Einstein

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