Complete Love

I have been meditating on the Meaning of Truth lately. Truth that God demonstrated His absolute and complete love for us (me) on the Cross. That Love will never change…not ever! As long as we have Christ, we have HOPE!

Sometimes it helps to try to see things from God’s perspective. I think that is why we will not be sad in Heaven. We will KNOW… somehow we will glimpse all of our trials through the eyes of our Father, and it will totally make sense. Even though our world is constantly changing, somewhat scary, and frustrating, God is Truth. He loves us Absolutely! If we see our circumstances from His perspective, it changes things. Pray that God will give you His perspective on your situation. I have done so, and it has made all the difference. May I remember to rest in the constant of God’s Love and Truth in all of my situations.

Show us how to view our circumstances in light of Your Truth.

In Jesus Name,

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