More Than “JOY” Dishwashing Liquid (40 Projects, Day 8)

I love washing the Dishes by Hand.  It was a bore when I was a young girl and was literally FORCED to hand wash the dishes for our Family of Five Every.Single.Evening.   I detested it then.  But I love it now.

My mind flies around the world as I wipe the plates clean.  I make myself complete this task each evening, and NEVER go to bed unless the sink is cleared and shiny.  It is just one of my “things.”  Luckily I have a family count of 3 now, or I may not be able to say any of this!

With starting a new job at Home, and Home Educating, my Countertops have begun to look like I may be the Star of the next episode of “Hoarders.”  I HATE a crowded kitchen, but it has just gotten away from me, considering we do much of the schooling in the kitchen, etc.   But Enough is Enough.  I have reached my limit, and my sink and Counters are bearing witness to such.

So today, I began. 

My sink area and countertops surrounding it are clear, clean,

and only include items which inspire me. 

My Current View of the Area of Interest…
At the beginning of the year, I have a little ‘brain-washer’ I hang up to read regarding my role as a Mother, and little tips that help me perform this role in a way which will  Glorify and not Disgrace.   And yes, it IS laminated.  No self respecting Teacher would otherwise approve.


My Robin Red Breast makes me smile!
I am a visual person, and in need of direction, so one will find little notes of inspiration and self-encouragement all around the nooks and corners of my home.
I hung an expandable Curtain Rod parallel to the shelf to hang my wet tea towels… Just a bit of an experiment… So far I like the asset.
I LOVE to be inspired to become a better person by reading great thoughts of others.  This little flip calendar is one of my Faves.  I have new inspiration every morning with my coffee.
Right at my fingertips are my Favorite Books of Reference that are used everyday for many reasons.

  I love the Print in the alcove above my sink, but one day there will be

a chippy, mirrored old antique window hanging there,

complete with Balloon Curtains.

  I may even add another shelf to this current shelf. 

But for today, this works. 

Another Project for the Books in my ’40 Projects in 40 Days’ arena.  

My New View

Each evening as I wash the dinner dishes, I am so glad I made the effort! 

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