Change happens…

I have never been one to welcome change.  

Transformation comes hard to me, even though I realize that life is never stagnant.


New opportunities arise, and for once, I have embraced one of them. 

I had the chance to work from home, and I grabbed it. 

I have been at it for 90 days, and I am starting to see small successes.

No, I am not getting Rich, at least not monetarily rich. 

But I am rich in that I no longer have the struggle to leave my family

to go to the workplace. 

I no longer HAVE to work on Weekends, although sometimes I do. 

I make my own hours, which are Early and not the easiest to work

(I awaken at 4 am to get 4 hours of work in before time for our Homeschool).

PicMonkey Collage

And I keep moving forward. 

Through storms and calm, I plunder on.

And so, here it is, at 4:10 AM, on my 90th day of Work. 

I choose Joy. 

I choose to Celebrate. 

I choose Berries and Pina Colada yogurt with a splash of vanilla in my coffee

and some whipped cream and cinnamon. 



It feels great!

Just for today, vanilla, sprinkles and Whipped Cream in my Coffee

How do you celebrate the changes in your life?

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