What I love about August…


My summer garden puts on a lovely show for me and our family.

I especially love walking out my back door right before preparing dinner

to snip a few fresh herbs for dinner preparations,


picking fresh vegetables for steaming…

so healthy, and easy!


I adore a table filled with vibrant, colorful vegetables!

And the variety of textures, flavors, and antioxidants

just cannot be beat.


I also love all the back to school bargains out there!

Not only does it remind me of some much needed

“me time” coming up in October,

but it gets me excited about past goals,

recent family acheivements,

and future goals.


Children who visit love receiving little trinkets wrapped

in the traditional green tissue paper

(back to school clearance specials).

I love that they were snatched up for 30 cents at the clearance isle.

What do YOU love about August?

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