Words I hate to hear…

I had to endure hearing the dreaded words again today.   It would seem that I have NO  fingerprints on the ends of my dishpan hand fingers.

“Ma’am, I’m sorry, will you please roll your finger across the fingerprint recorder again?”   (For the fourth time!!)

Sch Ns 3

Fingerprints taken by William Herschel 1859/60

Yes, I was fingerprinted.   All ten fingers had to be printed 4 times each!   Don’t worry… I did not get into some horrible crime today… it was for my top secret witness protection Nurse job I plan to work ( part time) this summer. Just kidding… I am getting ready to work part time as a Substitute School Nurse.

sch ns
Source: WSCA Images



The Officer wanted to know what I did for a living. Just for fun, I told him I was a Landscape and Construction Worker, but only part-time.  The rest of my work time is spent shoveling horse manure for a living.

I think he bought it.

I thought it appropriate, since my husband is always telling me I have the “Gift of the Gab.”

What words do you hate to hear?


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