Making the Season Bright

For the first time in our 26 years of marriage, we have not put a decorated Christmas tree in the living room.


A few extra emergencies knocked out all free time and I decided

to accept the need to cross off a few things on my Christmas List without completing them.

This has been rather tough for me, but my new mantra has become

“Progress, not Perfection.”


less me.jpg
Source: Christian Life Ministries

Believe it or not,  I enjoy myself even without the beautiful blue

and silver twinkling lights on our usual tree!


  This year our family decided that we could be happy

without ALL of the Extras, and so we are!


Very happy… and that means that I am even Happier than ever!

Source:  The Postcard Collection, 1979

So now it remains essential to wish all of you out there a MERRY CHRISTMAS,

with Christmas peace in the heart no matter what you do to decorate (or do not do!).



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