The Victory

We recently had a boy who was visiting accidentally hurt his ankle.

My son was quick to run to the First Aid Kit,

grabbing Ace Bandaging to wrap the injured body part,

and covering it with ice afterwards.


It seems that he has learned the lessons in Physical First Aid

that I have drilled into his brain.

I wonder about the Spiritual Lessons…

are they securely locked into the cerebellum as well?

“I surrender All,” “Trust and Obey,”

“Break My Heart, Dear Lord,”

These are all song of praise and worship

that we have sung as a family,

but do they penetrate deeply into his heart?

As I look around in this culture in which we live,

I hope so.

“For whatever is born of God overcomes the world,
and this is the Victory that has overcome the world—
 our Faith.”—————- I John 5:4
I am watching our world’s moral conscience decay,
and am SO very saddened by what I see.
Since we do not have television in our home,
Our family listens to the radio quite a bit.
It would seem that there are no longer moral absolutes in this great Country.
Sins are deemed neutral acts, and “civil rights.”

I am so glad that the LORD has promised us the power to overcome.

The enticements of this world –
riches, promiscuity, gossip, alcohol, drugs, abortion, etc.
completely turn me off. 
My Husband and I talk about all of these things with our boy. 
He is 12 years old, and needs to know without a doubt what God’s stance is here. 
For our children’s sake,
we must speak out and identify sin as sin
no matter how ‘beautiful’ its wrappings.
The enemy will continue to try to deceive our children.
We must educate them in the ways of our LORD concerning the issues.
The standard of the LORD will help us to overcome the world.
How about you,
Are you an Overcomer?
Source:  Razor Bloom Academy, Amy Gaskin
Dear Father God,
Thank you for sending Your only Son to die for us.
Thank you for giving us the power to be overcomers of the sin in this world.
May we keep our eyes always focused on You so that we will recognize sin,
no matter how appealing.
Help us to teach our children to be overcomers, too.
In Jesus Name,

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