Plenty enough to Give: Gravy at the Thanksgiving Table

turkey 3

I always cook a Turkey the week before Thanksgiving.

Yes, I am odd that way, but it makes lots of extra Turkey Drippings for Gravy, Extra Drumsticks (more than two in my family love the drumsticks), and I get to practice. I forget what works after a year of sleeping at night, and I it helps to have Extra meat for Dressing.

I serve over 25 people at Thanksgiving Dinner. Of course, tonight, as always the Saturday before TG, we shall have a Turkey Pie Feast before The Holiday to Honor all the fallen Turkeys!

(P. S. I never have to buy these birds, because either a favored Hunter shoots one, a neighbor gives us one, or I win one in a contest. I have another bird {15 pounds} in the freezer to cook for the Bethesda Mission Dinner later in December).

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