The Unlikely Nurse

It is Sunday, and  I feel a bit like I am “Rising from the Dead” after feeling quite flu- like all last night.   I spent most of today in my nice warm bed.

My son, B was my nurse… he stayed home from church to watch over me.

Every 10 minutes,  he came into our bedroom, put his hand on my forehead,  and asked, “Mom, how are you feeling?  Can I bring you something?”

Wow.   What a Blessing… He is actually taking care of me today!  We did something right!

I found myself praying more than usual for his future wife today, thinking about who she is,  or will be… realizing that this is how “B” will likely act when she is ill.   He will make a fine husband some years from now.

Glory to God.

wet floor 2
Yes, he even cleaned for me… he makes signs (tee hee)

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