Good Old Fashioned Hard Work

RE-Blogged from my young son’s Blog…

It rained really hard this past week.  We got water in our basement, I mean a LOT of water.  We had to get the shop vac out and suck up all the little streams that we going across the floor down there.  

Now it smells moldy, and my Mom is really upset.  I sketched out a plan to drain the water from the back yard into the alley beside our house.  The back yard is kind of at an angle that lets the rainwater flow down to our patio.  My Dad says that the people who designed our house did not think ahead.  

Now we get water in the basement every time a flash flood comes.  So I drew out a sketch, and today Mom and I dug out canals and put in drainage pipes to get the rain water to flow out to the alley instead of into our basement.  

I was pretty tired and sore after we dug up 
all that dirt and put in the pipes. 
Now I am kind of excited for the next flash flood, 
to see if my ideas and sketches will work
to keep the basement dry. 

Luke 14:28 says, 


“But don’t begin until you count the cost. 

For who would begin construction of a building 
without first calculating the cost to see if there is enough money to finish it?”
It did not cost much to do this project, 
and I hope it works!