Lies and Traps

426382_316067861784615_110289848_n  It has been “one of those days.” On days like these, I try to remember that my war is not with what is going on, but with my true enemy, Satan, who loves to see me discouraged and angry.

I have discovered a wonderful thing. When I am at my lowest, I read scriptures, or recite (Out Loud) passages I have memorized, and when Jesus’ Name is spoken, the enemy must flee! This demonstrates to me that God will go to battle for me with that Nasty Enemy. As a mother and wife, I find myself in regular spiritual warfare.   I see clearly that Satan wants to enlist all of our children for his evil army. The way he disarms me is to discourage me. But when I call on my God to strengthen me, He does! I have memorized the verse above from Ephesians (se below) to protect me and my loved ones in the heat of the battle.


**We MUST pray that the LORD will protect our children from the enemy’s lies and traps. May they be Mighty Warriors for JESUS.

    • “For our struggle is NOT against flesh and blood,
  • but against the rulers, against the powers,
  •  against the world forces of this darkness,
  • against the spiritual forces of wickedness
  • in the heavenly places.”
  • (Ephesians 6:12)

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