Winter Daydream

As I anticipate the snow that is forecasted for tomorrow, I always imagine lovely landscapes transformed by blankets of pristine snow.

   snow backw.

For some of our friends who do not get a lot of snow,

I’m hoping you just receive a thin dusting sometime this month.

It doesn’t seem fair for you to miss the beauty of the white winter wonderland.

sno day 3

Of course all my friends know that I like to bring the pale colors of snowy climes into the decor in my home.

I hope that my seasonal salute to snow will inspire others to dream of fashions and interiors that echo my favorite soft tones. .

bwc snow

4 thoughts on “Winter Daydream

  1. Hi there! We have snow on the ground here in the Kansas City, Mo area. It’s pretty if you don’t have to drive in it! It seems more like a bonafide winter when you can look out your window at it. I’m glad you enjoy it so much!! ❄️❄️❄️

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