Summer Living

The month of May signals Spring, and the Coming of Summer,

which incites my soul to make changes in our cottage décor to welcome the warmer days. 


It is my time to move some things out, and put new things in … 

While I use light pinks in early spring, I love Blue and White for summer. 

It is so calming and seems to sooth my spirit. 

Color truly does lift the mood, and new/colorful fabrics on the chairs, windows,

and all around create a feeling of hope and the beginnings of new life,

just like the blooms outside. 

IMG_2116 - Copy

I shuffle things around a great deal in our home,

from the bedrooms to the Living Room, Kitchen to Bedrooms…

you name it, I do it.  

One can regard these beautiful items in new ways when enjoyed in different settings. 



Adding Texture to the décor invites interest and is more exciting for the eyes,

to my way of thinking. 


In late Spring, the dolls come out of the Bedrooms

to live in the Living Room, a testimony

to the fact that more little ones will be visiting in Summer.

I made this doll years ago and love using her to create interest for little ones who visit our home.
I made this doll years ago and love using her to create interest for young children who visit our home.

Do you make seasonal changes with the coming of Summer? 

I would love to know how!

6 thoughts on “Summer Living

  1. I once arranged my silk flowers for every season, trying to have some in every room, and the outside doors. I would much rather have real flowers in every room. Bouquets that smell lovely and greet you with cheer! But I would grow broke doing that. So now I rely on scent packets, and hope to get on the ball about arranging flowers!

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    1. Yes, Deborah, I lo fresh flowers too! I mix cuttings with silk, for more color. I can’t wait until more of my garden blooms. But for now, I bring blue in with silk flowers! I never thought of scent packets, Wow! Genious! thanks for reading my post!

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