In Need or Plenty?

My Husband and I recently decided to practice “not spending” for a week. This was mostly for food and extras, not for gas and things like that.  We wanted to experience the challenge of making what we have “stretch” a bit more.   We had loads of extra food in the pantry, and in the refrigerator, but by the end of the week, it was a challenge to put a balanced meal together.
One thing we did have was some Artisan Thin Pizza Crust. My son was begging me to order a Pizza, as his tolerance to the “spending freeze” was wearing thin.

IMG_0124 IMG_0125

I quickly realized that it would be more fun if I turned meal-making this into an adventure, so we foraged through the Refrigerator, finding foods that would make fine toppings.

IMG_0126 IMG_0127

Next, we assembled all the supplies, and I got out the Camcorder.

I announced that we were going to film another episode of the

“Blue Willow Cooking Show”

IMG_0128 IMG_0129

This is always a BLAST, and my son decided to

speak in an Australian Accent for this particular episode.  It was Hilarious, and lunch was made.

No complaints, no regrets.  That’s what makes me happy at the end of the day.

Sprinkling on Cheese

IMG_0131 IMG_0132

We used the Toaster oven to keep it fast and easy, and the Pizzas baked in 13 minutes.


Leftover Hamburgers were crushed and Pepperoni was clipped with scissors to form this particular version



Of course, the show never ends without a shot of the Table…

IMG_0137 IMG_0138

In the end, we had 3 different versions of our Pizza.

Red Pepper and Sliced Mushroom with Pepperoni and  Mozerella
Mushrooms with Tomatoes


Paul said in the Bible, “I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty.  I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want” {Philippinas 4:12 (NIV)}.  We talked about the plenty that we had, even when it seemed that we were in want at the end of the “Spend freeze” week.  It turned out to be a lesson for one and all.  And tomorrow, the week is over, and I shall go grocery shopping once again.

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