Vintage Literature with Children

pumpkin bear

“An’ all us other children,

when the supper things is done,

We set around the kitchen fire,

an’ has the mostest fun!

A-list’nin’ to the witch-tales

‘At Granny tells about,

An’ the Gobble -uns ‘at gits you

Ef you don’t keep a good eye out!”

-James Whitcomb Riley


(Excerpt From a book I found in my husband’s Granny’s attic in 1989)

Sharing Vintage Literature 

Some of the most enjoyable times in our home are when we have our circle time and read vintage poetry or literature.  Have you read any?  Kids love it, and they learn so much. 


Recently we had a little home school party at the house to paint pumpkins and read literature.  It was the grandest time!  We had goofy food, a scavenger hunt, and some readings from old authors.  Everyone learned something, and it counted as school. 

Enlist help, and have fun

My high school aged son helped set the whole thing up, served the kids food, and assisted them in the readings.  We all cheered the little ones on as they stumbled over ancient wording, and we laughed.

frog harch 1st grade  

Have a Vintage Lit Party this weekend

Why not have a Lit Party at your home?  A simple trip to the local library will supply all the literature you need for this, and if you are nervous about selecting the pieces, the Librarian will help you, gladly. 

What is stopping you?  It will be a sweet activity with purpose, and one that will be made into a memory for many, many years.  I’d love to hear about your gathering in the comments below! 

Happy Learning! 



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