End of the Backyard Bash

It is cooler out this September morning, but I still cannot let go of my desire to host busy, curious children in our humble backyard play area. My own son is now too old to get much excitement from this area, but at the beginning of the summer, I just could not change the set up.

Blame it on the Memories, or Nostalgia, but I wanted more time with the old before I built the new (which is going to be a greenhouse and small “Dooryard Garden,” as the ancient British called it).

The last of the Backyard Bashes this past summer

When I reflect on the times in this magical area of our home, I can’t suppress the smile that spreads on my face. The water balloon fights, the Slip N Slide, the picnics on the grass… all the wonderful times we had in this tiny fenced in patch simply bring me JOY. Our goal was to create a “Kid-friendly” zone, and I believe we succeeded in this.

So many things to do

The children from the neighborhood would come over to help me plant my garden, play in our pool, have a cookie party on the porch, or just hang out with my son and me. We would peep in my garden, pick cherry tomatoes and pumpkins, or pluck corn off the plant.

Backyard Dining with Family
I always have the porches decorated according to the season

Summer Holidays were spent with friends and family here in this lush, blooming place. Sprinklers were set up strategically for a cooling obstacle course for the children. A perennial Slip N Slide was placed at the side yard. The pool was cold, clean, and waiting for someone to float in paradise, or splash to their heart’s content.

One summer I let the grass grow TALL, and mowed pathways for the kids to ride their bikes through. We had bubbles, a Pinata, and always, always the sandbox. Many unique and unusual castles were built in that sand box.

Oh, The Memories!

But the young children in our neighborhood are all grown, and our son is soon off to college, so the place must change with the times. Nevertheless, the joy we received will never be forgotten of the adventures in our backyard wonderland.

Perhaps the Fairies will stay on awhile

and sprinkle their magical dust all around

for more adventures as things change.

Boys digging Post Holes for a Fence

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