At Home in Blue Willow at last…

 I don’t advise moving 2 days before Christmas.

  Really, just don’t do it.

I know, because we did.

thomas kin

     Our family moved 1,200 miles across the United States… into a small 1950’s cottage,

which had not been updated in quite a few decades.

For my husband, Mike & I, it was ideal,

because we wanted to do everything ourselves, putting “our stamp” 

and personal style on (and in) the house. 

The house was ideal, but not the timing.


“The Home”  was chosen last August, when we travelled North to vacation in New Jersey with our extended family.  Many internet searches had been performed prior to our trip, with seven homes on the list to be viewed in a weekend.  Our task was to choose one of the homes, make an offer, and hopefully make the transition from Arkansas to Pennsylvania within a few months.  Our Arkansas home had not sold yet, nor had our small cabin along the State Game Lands of the White River.  Long story, short~ the process took 4 months.

Fast forward to December…
We moved in 2 days before Christmas,
something I hope we will NEVER do again. 
I hope we never move again, actually. 
all 001
Our Tiny Tree the First Year of Moving Day


We settled in with sleeping bags and boxes that first Christmas week.   Our Tree was Tiny and Simple. 

 Nonetheless, our favorite part of the “new” old house was the Kitchen/Dining Room Area.

We don’t have a home office, so we sit at the dining room table with the laptop, homework, and bill paying.  This same Dining Area has also become the place where we entertain when friends come over for dinner.

An Ivory Painted Antique Buffet in the Dining room is one of My Very Favorite pieces because it was my first rehab project so many years ago.  A hand-me-down from my Grandmother Robertson, the piece helped me learn what I could actually do with a little paint and elbow grease!

One weekends these days, our family is mostly found dressed in paint clothes and bandanas.

We work together to transform our new (older) home into a Beautiful & Cozy Cottage.

Mike and I share a favorite color, Blue.

I adore French Toile and Blue Willow China, so after a few family discussions, we agreed to christen our “new” home: The Blue Willow Cottage.

I think we will always love piddling around in Blue Willow Cottage,

creating the perfect “Home Sweet Home”

for our family!


“He brings gifts into our lives…

things like affection for others,

exuberance about life, serenity.

We develop a willingness to stick with things,

a sense of compassion in the heart,

and a conviction that a basic holiness

permeates things and people.”

—-Galatians 5:22 (The Message)

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