Colors: Past, Present, and Future!

The Cottage where we now live here in the town is much different than the Homes we have had in the past in Arkansas.   We have always lived out in the country, at least 30 minutes drive from any stores or the city.  This small bungalow is in the center of town, was built in the 1950’s, and has been only minimally altered in décor, structure, and color. 

     The first floor is the main living space, but there is also  a full basement divided into 4 separate rooms, but unfinished for the most part. 


   On the first floor, almost every room is wallpapered with colors of mustard yellow, in a very outdated style.   The colors are dated lime green, and brown.  Dark paneling and molding is throughout the home.   No shades of pastel are included,  except in the small bathroom, which is light turquoise and pink tiled. 

     Our decorating style is definitely NOT mission, bungalow, or tudor, so we have our work cut out for us!    The French Country Cottage style will eventually reign in this home, with a flair toward Shabby Chic.  These styles  will clearly be our inspiration.   I envision pastel blues and touches of very pale pink, with the majority of the surfacing being White, my favorite! 


     We have found lots of debris, dirt, and papers from the previous occupants.  One delightful finding was an enormous aquarium in the Basement!  Oh, the adventures we might have with that treasure! 

     Come and visit us often as we tear down the limes and mustardy yellows, transforming our bungalow into a French Country Cottage in the next months and years.  I am excited about the possibilities!


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