Practicing Patience… or the Making of Butter on Day 2 of Project 40 Days

We have been reading about the colonial times,

and how the people had to make most of their own food, including butter.

Today we made butter!

The deed was inspired by the reading of the book, “The Hungry Frog,”

who falls into a bucket of Milk and swims rapidly to get out, but,
unable to do so, after a time turns the milk to butter,
and escapes to safely eat bugs. 
A word of caution to those who think this might be fun… It takes A WHILE.
We put 3 clean, washed marbles in the jar, hoping to speed up the process.
Now Shake!
Keep Shaking!
Shake some more, and then add a dash of salt.
Finally, it is Ready!
Spread it on some bread… and …

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