40 Projects in 40 Days… Project 3 –SCIENCE

My Son’s favorite subject is Science.

We are finished with official Schooling for 5th Grade now, but he loves experimenting so much,

I think it to be a shame to let that craving for learning suffer in the summertime.

Testing  for acidic and base (alkaline) substances.

We set out to discover the makeup of several everyday household items today,

testing if they were acidic or base with Litmus Paper.

 Personal, hands on discovery.

Litmus paper represents an inexpensive supply that is used in nearly all chemistry labs;

the paper changes color quickly and vividly, indicating the pH of solutions on which solution is dripped.

It allows quick tests of acidity and alkalinity for laboratory chemicals, as well as foods and household products.

Although electronic pH meters deliver more precise results, litmus paper is convenient,

practical and well-suited for 5th grade experiments.

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