Developing Healthy Confidence in Children: 40 Day Project, Day 5

I have given a great deal of thought

to the healthy development of confidence in children.
Research shows that one of the most important benefits of being more self confident
is that it naturally helps one to become stronger and stronger over time,
 rather than weaker.
Fears decrease, social barriers are knocked down,
challenges are conquered, all because of a
strong confidence in one’s own self.
Here is one way we chose to develop this trait in our son: 
We go to the Farmer’s Market most every week.
I give our boy a set amount of money ($3-5.00 usually),
and he is to pick out
some healthy foods for us to prepare for the week.
This idea is such fun, and so rewarding, too. 
I didn’t realize how much HE actually enjoyed it until recently,
when asked what he wanted to do while his good friend Joshua was here
for the day. 
He answered, “First, let’s go to the Farmer’s Market.” 

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