Never Judge a Hat By Its Cover ~Day 16 of The 40 Day Projects

I loved completing today’s project…

The “Before” Photo

I had collected Hat Boxes at the beginning of our marriage many years ago.

In recent years, however, my love of Pink, Mauve, and Green has diminished.


The Hat Boxes were banished to the closet,

as they clashed with my newly found crush with BLUE.


I had some blue and white gingham wallpaper

left over from our home in Arkansas. 



My heart sought after a blue focal point to unite the colors in my Kitchen.

IMG_7049 IMG_7050

When paired with Martha Stewart’s Blue Rooster Contact Paper,

I was thrilled by the perfect transformation

the two Hat Boxes. 

IMG_7054 IMG_7055

Don’t these look adorable

up there with my Country White Mixing Bowls? 


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