Let the Light Shine In (Project #23)

For months now, I have been thinking of ways to lighten up this corner of the

Living Room.  The paneling and rug cannot be changed, so I

had to rely on other ways of bringing in the light.

let there be more light

I loved the little “Bistro” area we had recently created in this area,

(in the left photo above. left),  however, it just seemed too dark.

I took down the Toile material and the old curtains on the double window, and hung a very sheer white material behind the Antique Hutch. Balloon Window Treatments were then made out of Panels for the window. I found lovely 2 inch faux wood blinds, which help add privacy to the Living Room when necessary.

Mike helped me to put sheers up along the open wall between the Dining Room and the Living room.

They provide privacy and separation, and yet allow prolific sunshine to brighten the corner of the Living Room.

A Costal theme will be the setting for the remainder of the summer,

so my seagulls and beach prints were perfect for this spot. 

I will use the French Toile material (On the wall of the before photo)

to Slipcover a Thrifted Armchair to match the whole equation.

The Beach Print on the wall was hand chosen from a Museum Art Book. 

I love the way it brings all the colors together, and it reminds me of special times

with extended family during Beach Vacations.

Here is a larger photo of the area in the Living Room.  I had the curtains, which are now deemed to be Vintage.   I had loved them, and used them in our previous home.  For too long they were stored in a Tote in the Basement.  It is so wonderful to use them again. 
Such a Cozy, Homey Space Now!

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