Classic Hues – Painting the Cottage (Project 24)

The “Before” Photo of the Living Room

For nearly 3 years now,

I have jokingly been calling the paint style

in the Living Room “Ancient Chateau”

Very Dark and Dreary
Very Dark and Dreary

because we never quite had time to wash all

of the old paste off the walls

after we soaked

the 1960’s wallpaper off.

The uneven, splotchy walls and dark carpeting can easily be seen in this photo, taken 2 years ago.

Fast forward to this weekend.

We shut everything down, put our phones on voicemail, and PAINTED.

We ate, drank, slept, and breathed Painting.  All of us!


And it paid off.

We finished it.


I couldn’t be more overjoyed.

This was the room I most wanted completed,

because it is the MOST PUBLIC Room.


Everyone enters the Cottage through this room.

From This
And This

To This…


I love this Room!   We still plan to remove the Carpet and have the wood floors refinished, but not now.   The Carpet is in great shape, and while we have young kiddos in the house, we prefer to protect the floors with this dark carpet covering.

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