Sweet Simplicity

During  recent visit to the Amish Farm and Home in Lancaster, Pennsylvania recently,

I realized that I have made my life quite complicated…


Virtually everything I do is complex,

from travelling, to working,

to laundry…

I seem to make things WAY more difficult than they need to be!


In touring the Farm and observing

this wonderfully simple way of life,

I realized that I have twisted my life-style

in a way that may not be pleasing

to God.



Here is what the Lord taught me from visiting the Amish Farm:

  • Keeping things simple really helps us enjoy our lives more...
  • God really doesn’t want our lives to be super complicated.
  • The simple approach was also Jesus’ approach to dealing with life.

Upon further reflection, I have made several discoveries. Did you know that the difference between being “simple”, and being “complicated” is very obvious?



To “complicate” means ‘to make or become complex, to twist or become twisted together.’ 

Complicated things are usually things that are hard to understand, or bewildering. Simple things, on the other hand are “composed of only one thing or part, and usually easy”.

Reader, if you have time, read Matthew 11:29. I have often laughed at this verse, and questioned my husband, and my minister, Doug as to what it really meant. Jesus said, “Take my yoke upon you, and learn of Me, for I am gentle (meek) and lowly (humble) in heart, and you will find rest (relief, ease, refreshment, blessed quiet) for your souls. Wow, that sounds great, but how do I find this rest?

It was in reflecting on God’s word on the 45 minute drive home from Lancaster that I began to remember Jesus’ words, and how I pondered them so many times in the past.
I am slowly coming to some understanding of all of this.  Jesus, in Matthew chapter 11, was saying that if I want to remain restful and peaceful in my thinking, feelings, and my decisions, I need to identify and remember how He handled situations, dealt with people, and responded in situations.

I have been asking God to give me the strength to follow Jesus’ example in this.

Summertime at Cottage
So now, I am developing a new habit, I ask the Lord, “What is the simplest approach to dealing effectively with this situation, as your own Son would have done?” Since the Holy Spirit God lives within me, I am quietly listening and searching the scriptures for His answer, as I know that He will guide me in all things.
God loves us SO much. He has a unique plan just for each one of us. He really doesn’t want us to be completely miserable, but to enjoy the abundant Life He has provided.

So for now, I plan to relax, Seek His face regularly, and watch His plan unfold. He has definitely NOT shown me everything I want to know at once, but in each situation I have faced since these things have been learned, and as I ask Him what to do, He has shown me! Brilliant!

God is doing amazing things in our home and lives, as I pray He will do in others’ lives. Keep striving for simplicity, joy, and peace.

And never give up!

snowman 72

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